The 4 Fruits of Fitrah: Reconnecting with Nature

... through the timeless, wisdom-based tradition of Tibb medicine

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Welcome to Tibb Transformation

This personal health education programme has been created by master herbalist Hakim M Salim Khan, principal of the College of Medicine and Healing Arts based in the UK.

M Salim Khan M.D. (M.A.) M.H. D.O. is an international practitioner and teacher of the healing tradition of Tibb (which in different places of the world, has been referred to as Arabic, Greco-Arab, Hikmah, Unani, Oriental, Islamic, Prophetic, and Sufi medicine). He has been practising herbal medicine, naturopathy, nutrition, and iridology for over 40 years.

Hakim Salim's student of 10 years, Tibb Healthy Living Coach Hussein Ahmed will be your guide in this short 40-min, insightful, free webclass where you will learn...

  • The inconvenient truth of modern lifestyles.
  • 5 devastating dangers of disconnection.
  • Precarious pitfalls in popular alternatives.
  • 4 fruits of Fitrah (wisdom-based natural health).

The 4 Time-Tested Keys To Be Healthy And Well For Life

Key #1 Hikmah

Wisdom-based philosophy that naturopathic and herbal medicine is based on. Understanding ourselves as whole and holy, honouring our spiritual, psychological, and physical aspects, and learning the human constitution.

Key #2 Fitrah

Universal naturopathic principles of healthy living, known as "The Six Essential Causes", or "The 6 Lifestyle Factors". When these factors are in balance and in harmony with nature we become healthy and well, but when these factors are out of balance it creates diseases in the body, mind, and spirit.

Key #3 Mizaj

Principles of individuality in the application of naturopathic lifestyle and herbal remedies. Recognising the uniqueness of each of us by discovering our individual strengths, weaknesses, tendencies, and particular needs. Temperament is a critical key to 'Knowing Thyself'.

Key #4 Khizanah
Nature's Treasury

Benefiting from nature's infinite treasury of healing foods (personal nutrition) and medicinal plants (herbal medicines which are safe and effective as home remedies) as solutions to poor health and to enhance wellbeing.


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